Union currently stronger than SPD, Greens and Left together

by Thorsten Koch

The approval ratings for the SPD have decreased or stagnated in the latest surveys, the values ​​for the Union have risen slightly. The AfD remains or loses support, in the Corona crisis, when it comes to the question of which party to choose in case Bundestag elections were to take place shortly.

According to the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach, the SPD lost 0.5 percent compared to the previous month, and only reached 15.5 percent. The CDU remains at 38 percent. The CDU would be the strongest party elections pending. The Greens remain at 19 percent, while the FDP, at 5.5 percent, loses half a percentage point. The AfD party remains unchanged at 9 percent, the left at 7 percent.

According to Forsa, the Union reaches 40 percent, the SPD 15 percent, the FDP with losses of 1 percent achieves 5 percent, the Greens remain at 16 percent, the AfD at 9 and the Left Party at 8 percent. This would give the Union more votes than the Left camp altogether.

The Union would received support from former sympathizers of the SPD, the FDP, and the Greens if elections were held now. Lost AfD voters would no longer vote at all. The proportion of non-voters and undecided among those surveyed by Forsa is currently 26 percent.

Kantar/Emnid measured declining approval ratings for the AfD in their weekly survey. The AfD thus falls by 1 percent, to reach only 10 percent, and has lost a total of 5 percent within three months. The Union remains the strongest force at 38 percent, minus 1 percent, and the SPD stagnates at 16 percent. According to Kantar/Emnid, the FDP increases by 1 percent to 7 percent, and the Left stays at 8 percent.

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