2 million applications for Corona Emergency Aid

2 million self-employed and small businesses have applied to the Federal Government’s Corona emergency aid. According to a document by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy, the applications amount to a total volume of 13.7 billion Euros. According to the document, 1.6 million of the applications have already been approved. This should make up 12.6 billion Euros.

To date, 47,743 loan applications with a volume of 25.6 billion Euros have been approved through the federally owned development bank, KfW. 2,300 applications with a volume of 20.3 billion Euros are still being processed.

In the meantime, the Central Office for Financial Transaction Investigations (FIU) has received around 4,100 reports indicating attempts to fraudulently access emergency aid. The immediate help is processed at the level of German member states.

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