Gröhe advocates a supply chain law

Union Vice-Group Leader in the Bundestag, Hermann Gröhe (CDU), advocates greater attention to supply chains to protect the environment and human rights. “A clever mix of legal regulations and voluntary commitments” makes sense, said Gröhe, emphasizing that more and more medium-sized and large companies are campaigning for a supply chain law. German Development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) and the SPD also want a supply chain law, in order to, generally, strengthen children’s rights, minimum wages and environmental protection. Gröhe wants to strengthen due diligence in this regard.

A survey is currently being carried out to determine the current state of affairs. Responsibility for investments should be supported more than is the case. For example, Fairtrade coffee is now available in every supermarket. The Adenauer Foundation also supports legal regulations, but refers to criticism regarding competitiveness. According to the foundation, it is unclear whether a supply chain law can be implemented consistently. In order not to overwhelm small and medium-sized companies, in particular, distinctions would have to be made according to the size of the companies, their capacity, and also according to the economic sector. Instead of just obligations, there must also be voluntary elements, the Adenauer Foundation pointed out.

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