Prospective candidacy for Chancellor : Markus Söder front-runner in poll

According to a survey from the end of March, conducted by ARD-DeutschlandTrend, more and more people feel that the steps against the Corona pandemic are not extensive enough – 32 percent or twelve percent more than at the beginning of March. 38 percent regard the measures as sufficient. For 25, however, they are too strict.

When asked about the preferred candidate for Chancellor of the two Union parties, 51 percent and 78 of the supporters of the CDU and CSU said Markus Söder was a good choice. At the end of March, 22 percent of those polled and 30 percent of supporters of the CDU and CSU opted for Armin Laschet.

According to a Nielsen survey, also dating from the end of March, the willingness to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus was 72 percent. A share of only 12 percent spoke out against getting vaccinated. Among those over 60, the willingness was even 78 percent. Graduates from college are most likely to be ready for a vaccination. 64 percent trust the vaccine, but almost 75 percent reserve their own decision regarding the vaccine.

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