A need for booster vaccinations

by Thorsten Koch

According to the Spokesman of the Federal Government, Seibert, the Federal Government and the Governments of the German states are preparing for so-called booster vaccinations. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health said, on his part, that the data was not yet complete, but citizens would most likely have to prepare for booster vaccinations in the intermediate term.

According to early results of medical studies, a third dose of vaccines against Covid-19 ensures that the amount of antibodies increases significantly, according to Pfizer and Biontech. On the other hand, with only two doses of vaccine, it is to be expected that the effect of the vaccine will decrease after six months. Therefore, the vaccination should be refreshed after six to twelve months.

Biontech is currently developing a substance to specifically protect against the delta variant of the Corona virus. Nevertheless, a third vaccination of the original vaccine should also reliably protect against that highly contagious variant. The approval of a third vaccination, like the second vaccination, a so-called boost, ought to be applied for, with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other authorities, in the coming week. A second boost, or third dosage, could also prevent new variants from spreading.

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