FDP wants climate policy by way of modern technologies

(GermanPolicy.com) – Instead of bans, the FDP wants to stop climate change by means of modern technologies. Bureaucracy threatens freedom in Germany, FDP chairman Christian Lindner said. That is why the FDP wants an “uncomplicated state” in which the hurdles of “bureaucratism” are lowered. At a one-day FDP party congress, Lindner rejected a “left shift” and advocated a “government of the center.” “German-engineered climate protection … can create jobs here and fight global warming elsewhere.”

The SPD and the Greens were criticized by Lindner for keeping open to form a coalition with the Left Party. The FDP is a guarantor for the middle, Lindner said. Michael Theurer, Vice Chairman of the FDP Bundestag parliamentary group believes, according to media reports, that a traffic light coalition of the FDP with the SPD and the Greens would be a “big risk” since the differences in economic policy and finance are “huge.”

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