Habeck: credits to finance climate measures

(GermanPolicy.com) – Co-chairman of the Greens Habeck is campaigning for Germany to take out more loans to finance domestic measures in view of climate protection. The public purse is supposed to go into debt in order to enable climate investments. Debt should also be possible across Europe, Habeck suggested.

The volume of German loans is currently up to twelve billion Euros. The debt brake anchored in the Basic Law allows 0.35 percent of economic output. According to the European stability criteria, new borrowing is limited to 3 percent of GDP. Habeck criticized that austerity policies could lead to “severe social cuts” and, as a result, to radicalization.

The three traffic light parties – SPD, Greens and FDP – are not yet in agreement on the price of CO2 emissions. The Greens want to enforce their demand that the price be more than 65 euros per ton of carbon dioxide in the future.

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