Altmaier and Juncker on the importance of Angela Merkel

( – The name of the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel will in future be cited on an equal footing with Konrad Adenauer, Willy Brandt, and Helmut Kohl. This is what Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) has said. Merkel, an “exceptional Chancellor,” has been in office for 16 years, has ensured prosperity in Germany and has stood up for Europe. The greatest challenge in Merkel’s tenure was the Corona pandemic. Merkel – originally a natural scientist – realized early on that the Coronavirus would make it necessary to implement “completely new” measures.
Former EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker certified Merkel that she “anchored Germany in the European port” forever. She was a “calm voice of reason” that will be missed, Juncker added.

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