CDU-CSU: funding stop for energy-saving buildings “ruthless”

( – Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has been criticized by various bodies for having stopped subsidies for energy-efficient buildings. The CDU-CSU and business associations have called for the funding program to be ramped up again. The Union parties justified this by saying that the dream of owning a house would be destroyed for many families, following Habeck’s stop decree. A consumer protection spokesman for the Union faction in the Bundestag described the funding freeze as “highly inconsiderate towards all citizens who have trusted in reliable state funding.” As it stands, 24,000 applications are unprocessed, many for climate-friendly four walls, the spokesman said. The Federal Ministry of Economics had justified that one wanted to save additional costs amounting to several billion euros for new buildings.

Negative effect on social housing

Federal Building Minister Geywitz is pushing for a new regulation that is to come into force soon. House builders need secure framework conditions. A concept is already being worked on.

The Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies criticized the fact that the funding freeze would have a negative impact on social housing primarily. According to a media report, managing director of the federation, Ingeborg Esser, said that around 80,000 of those apartments would not be built for the time being. This would either jeopardize low rents or result in properties being built with a significantly poorer energy standard.

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