Ministry of Health: ‘recovered’ status still at three months

( – The Federal Ministry of Health does not want to change the validity of the convalescent status to three months. The status was recently reduced to three months, enough to allow EU citizens to be treated like unvaccinated, three months after becoming infected. As a spokesperson of the ministry said, the EU had agreed on an upper limit, not a fixed limit. The German regulation is within this framework. As far as the dynamics of the corona pandemic are concerned, Germany is in the middle of the omicron wave, after the incidence of infection in other countries is already declining. Therefore, the desirable situation of uniformity within Europe might not be reached. However, German MEP Oetjen (FDP) criticized the turning away from 180 days in Germany: “It should not be allowed to go it alone.” The CSU chairman Markus Söder made a similar statement.

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