Wiese: vaccination to be enforced as mandatory

(GermanPolicy.com) – On Wednesday, the German Bundestag debated various group proposals for compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. In the coming weeks, a model for and an application against a general obligation to vaccinate are to be voted on, as well as a regulation for people over the age of 50. “General vaccination is the only way to protect us all,” said Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. According to Omikron, dangerous variants of the virus could arise, the health policy spokeswoman for the SPD, Baehrens, pointed out. According to SPD parliamentary group leader Dirk Wiese, a general vaccination requirement with fines of up to EUR 1,000 should be enforced, and should be limited to one to two years. Up to three vaccinations are to be enforced by means of fines.

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