Promotion of plug-in hybrid vehicles: FDP and the automotive industry contradict Habeck

( – According to plans by Federal Economics Minister Habeck (Greens), the subsidy for plug-in hybrid vehicles is to expire at the end of the year and will not be extended. The coalition agreement of the traffic light parties speaks against it, however, FDP traffic expert Reuther has said. Every vehicle that is electrically operated contributes to climate protection. Subsidies therefore make sense. Economist for the Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Jancek, has meanwhile called on industry to speed up electromobility.

The deputy SPD chairman Rehlinger described hybrid engines as “an important bridge to the automotive future”. The Association of the Automotive Industry also complained that subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles should be abolished. An end of subsidies would be a step against consumers, e-mobility, and Germany as a business location.

Habeck had emphasized a few days ago: “In our opinion, plug-in hybrids are marketable and no longer need public funding.” The subsidy rates for exclusively battery-electric vehicles, on the other hand, are to be gradually reduced from January to 2025 – as provided for in the coalition agreement.

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