Karliczek wants to promote research and education

by Thorsten Koch

The German Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (CDU) would like to propose an investment program with a volume of 10 billion Euros to the coalition committee on Tuesday, with a view on innovation in research and for improvements in education. The aim is to secure a favorable competitive position for German companies.
The economy should be sustainably stimulated by way of the said “Activation Program,” for example through some 930 million Euros, which, by 2024, should flow into innovations around hydrogen, as was stated in a paper by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Sustainability and research

Sustainable technologies are to receive around 500 million Euros by 2024, and the Federal Government plans to invest 250 million Euros in advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Funding of 1.8 billion Euros is to be spent on resource efficiency by 2023.

There are also plans to ease the tax burden on companies in research and development. Finally, the health sector is to be supported, especially university medicine, but also the pharmaceutical industry.

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