CDU-CSU warns of ‘traffic light’ parties turning left

( – The parliamentary group leader of the Union parties in the Bundestag, Brinkhaus, has accused the traffic light parties of following a strict left-wing course. The exploratory paper by the SPD, Greens and FDP does not say anything about the financing of a perpetual pension guarantee, Brinkhaus said at the Junge Union’s Germany Day. The traffic lights stand for a “social make a wish” and also invite people to migrate illegally. For its part, the Union needs a new culture of cohesion and loyalty and must be perceived as a team.

The vice-chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, Frei, on his part, also emphasized the risks of illegal migration. “The door and gate will be opened to unqualified migration” by the traffic light parties, said Frei, who referred to an easier acquisition of citizenship.

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