Expanding wind energy faster, protecting ecosystems

(GermanPolicy.com) – A federal law, to be passed next week, is expected to bring about an expansion of wind energy in Germany. This was announced by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens). An important point is species protection. Background: the existence of protected bird species often leads to legal proceedings. Additionally, the war in Ukraine has made phasing out fossil fuels a priority, so that renewable energies must be strongly promoted. Habeck would also like to set up a rescue package for companies which need much energy. The so-called Economic Stabilization Fund is intended to serve the purpose of finance.

What is more, Federal Environment Minister Lemke (Greens) has presented a plan to protect natural ecosystems so that they can store greenhouse gases and contribute to climate protection. Such ecosystems are, for example, forests, floodplains, soils, and moors. A rewetting of moors and a ban on logging in public forests are to be introduced given that the drought has damaged the forest in the Federal Republic in the past three years, according to the German Weather Service. Not only monocultures are affected, but also the soil on which the mixed forest stands is “extremely dry”.

The Mittelstandsunion would like wind energy and gas terminals to be expanded quickly. This was announced by Mittelstandsunions-Chairman Connemann (CDU). Audits and legal protection would have to be “restricted to a minimum” by creating “a special crisis planning law for a limited period of time.” Planning and approvals could be reduced from many years to “less than a year” with a view to ensuring security of supply, thanks to reforms.

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