Transport companies propose 9-euro tickets valid from June

( – Top politicians in the traffic light coalition have agreed to guarantee discounted tickets for public transport for a period of 90 days – at a price of 9 Euros per the month. The Association of German Transport Companies has now asked for legislative support and suggested that Federal Transport Minister Wissing start on 1 June. By that time, the preparations could in all likelihood be completed.

Wissing advocates sales via the Internet so that no reprogramming of machines be necessary. However, transport companies fear that this would block the way for seniors to get a ticket. The tickets should be valid nationwide. Meanwhile, Pro Bahn advocated investing the money in the infrastructure instead of in discount tickets. The transport ministers of the Federal States have proposed a zero-tariff ticket in order to keep the administrative burden low. However, Wissing does not want to deviate from the original proposal.

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